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PawSwap is a platform that makes it easy to reach friends, neighbours & trusted pet care providers to watch your dog when you need to work or travel.
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What is PawSwap?

1. Register

Fill out the registration form.

2. Send us a picture!

Send a picture of your dog to

3. Approval

Receive an invitation onto our private Facebook group within 48 hours.

4. Connect

Join us at our monthly meet-ups and connect with current members.

5. Swap

Reach out to our trusted community whenever you need someone to watch your dog.

6. Return the Favour

Return the favour to your new friends whenever you can!

Reliable Pet Care

Never worry about what to do with your pup when you travel or go to work; let us help you find someone in your neighbourhood that you can swap pet sitting services with.


We have a comprehensive 3 step vetting process, required meet-up, and reviews that we share with you!


Pay it forward using the signature currently, PawPoints! Earn PawPoints when you watch your friends & neighbours' dogs.


Sign up to be notified when someone in your area is looking for a sitter and make new friends in a trusted community.

A Trusted Network

A trusted network with your friends and neighbours to swap pawfect pet sitting services - all for the love of dog.


"PawSwap has connected me to two neighbours who I now swap with; I’ll watch their dogs when I’m home during the day, and they take mine two times a week while I’m at work." -Kelly V., Vancouver, BC